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For us, business also means giving back to the people and the local community. As a company, we have a duty of care for the community, as the growth of one is impossible without the other.

Ecolor and Acasă built a street for life
The products we make are perfect for a comfortable home, but what about families who don’t have a decent place to live in the first place? Ecolor partnered with non-profit organization "ACASĂ", to build 14 new homes for low-income families in urgent need of a home.
• Ecolor provided full funds for 9 homes and additional funding to help in the building of a further 5 homes.
• Employees of Ecolor worked as volunteers during special construction days, working alongside beneficiaries, getting to meet the families and find out their stories.
• As a house-warming surprise, Ecolor provided the families with the furniture they needed for their new houses.

Read more on Acasa’s website (in Romanian)

Future for kids
Children growing up without parents need not a place to stay, but most of all they need love. At Caminul Felix Oradea, 160 children have caring foster parents, who provide a family environment. Ecolor partnered with the organisation to support its animal farm, which provides healthy foodstuffs and also contributes to the organisation’s overall stability.
• Ecolor’s sponsorship was used to buy a tractor and milking equipment.
• We provided new kitchens / kitchen equipment for the family homes in the complex.

Helping those who help others
The Blythswood Foundation in Cluj is one of Ecolor’s oldest partners. The organisation provides educational and social care services for children from under privileged backgrounds, as well as a range of other services for people in need.
• Ecolor offered the car used to deliver food at home for poor, ill, old and lonely people in Cluj County.
• We helped with the full furnishing of the residential foster care centre in Floresti, providing finishing materials as well as Ecolor products.

A good neighbour in Jucu
We believe where you are born should not influence your chances of success in life. Because kids in Jucu have the same need for quality education as peers in large cities, Ecolor has been a strong supporter of local schools, providing renovation works, materials, computers, printers and covering expenses for school trips. We also provide continuous support to local churches and elder homes.

Not-for-profit organisations in Cluj who work with children in need received support in various forms, from new kitchen equipment, furniture to Christmas gifts. Ecolor has also arranged deliveries of various donations from Sweden to Romania, from hospital beds to clothes, according to each of our partner’s needs.

Future professionals
People who invest time and effort in their own education have the potential to become tomorrow’s leaders and spark growth for the community. To support future professionals, we have a long-standing partnership with educational institutions.
• To help students learn on top-of-the range-industrial equipment, a robotic arm by a Japanese manufacturer, identical to the ones in the factory, was donated to the Technical University in Cluj.
• Ecolor has an open-doors policy for students who wish to acquire experience through internships and offers support for seniors who are looking to have a real-world project as their final university project before the BA degree.
• In several cases, we have sponsored gifted students wishing to study abroad to fulfil their potential.

Furniture & gifts
• Ecolor provided the furniture for a new treatment house for disabled children, operated in Bucharest by New Odyssey.
• In Cluj, 23 families received new furniture through Herald Foundation.
• We are proud supporters of the yearly ShoeBox campaign, offering useful gifts to people in need.